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Camino de SantiagoWe believe that the key to success is to strive to do what you love. We offer hiking and cycling in Galicia and along the Camino de Santiago, and for such purposes, we surpass everyone.

Thoroughly prepare activities in constant Contact with our users, we visit and we plan on routes in advance, so that everything goes as planned. We go out into the field( beaches, hotels and cottages) testing materials, electric bicycles, unassisted, surfboards, etc. We design alternatives routes based on the physical and technical capacity of groups, and adapting to adventure.

In short, we do good work . "Worry about enjoying your adventure, pedaling, surfing, and going trekking… & we'll take care of the rest"

We have packages of integrated additional services in Galicia and custom paths for families, friends, groups and businesses retreats.


We have luxury Mercedes cars, 8 and 9 seats-seats, equipped with comfortable seats, powerful engines and air suspension, which makes our transfers more enjoyable and easy.

Our trailers can accommodate 10-12 bikes, allowing us to maintain autonomy in assisting the group or pilgrimage route. We always reserve bicycles, and even extra batteries if the rent is made on our BH Neo Xtrem.

BECICLON Bicycle Trailer

The core of our services:


  • Mechanical route guidance.
  • Consulting and design of routes and personalized ways.
  • Hertz Equipment Rental.
  • Bicycle Rental unassisted.
  • Rent saddlebags, helmets, etc.
  • Shipping bicycles Road exit point.
  • Car battery e-bike.
  • Shipping-return bikes at Pilgrim address.
  • Coverage 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Paradores reservations, Hotels and Holiday Homes.
  • Levels of management and a la carte.
  • Attention pilgrims in Santiago.
  • Management credentials.
  • Collection and transportation of pilgrims at airports.
  • Pilgrim luggage and transfers inter-path.
  • We prepare customized itineraries.
  • Cultural and gastronomic recommendations.


  • Boat rental bike-boat excursion.
  • Charter sailing and motor yacht, with lengths of 6-17 meters.
  • Views Atlantic Islands Natural Park.
  • Rental surfboards and paddle-surfing.
  • Rental wetsuits.
  • Management surf locations.
  • Courses for diving beginners.
  • Outputs snorkel.
  • Rental kayaks.
  • Catamaran rentals.

Mercedes Aviano Beciclon