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Route of the Paradores

Getaway Contact the noblest stone Galicia:
of their Hostels. The King of Catholic Hostels in Santiago.

Varios days


Parador Reyes Católicos de Santiago


A city of rocks, obscured by the passage of time and the persistent rain. Old pathways smelling of Ribeiro and octopus spread throughout the Old Town. The cathedral represents the culmination of the Way for pilgrims and therein lies the Apostle, the reason that hundreds of thousands of people each year undertake he trip, full of hardships and experiences that will become memories for a lifetime.

We will tour the cycle route through the center of the capital of Galicia. Visiting the points of tourist and cultural attractions: Plaza do Obradoiro, Alameda, Pazo de Raxoi, Rua das Preterías, Plaza de la Quintana, O Carallo 29, Fuente de los Caballos, Las Marias and the always interesting dining experience of the restaurants located near the market square, and the possibility of excursions to various points of interest can be part of the first stage of the road Fisterra-Muxia to Negreira.


Just as one enters from the large Praza Ferrería any street in the 'boa vila', its old and delicious heart is heard. Imposing Renaissance palaces and churches of beautiful Galician Baroque. Gardens with camellias and roses, arches, passageways, and mansions with large balconies, squares… , small and intimate, enclosed by arcaded houses, the 'prazas' of Pontevedra are an irresistible invitation to stop.

They say that is not finished until you have experienced all places ... Tapeando. 'Octopus fair' or scallop pie in the Praza da Verdura, mussels vinaigrette or skewer of shrimp in the Wood, squid, cheese or sautéed scallops Tetilla in Praza do Teucro. Pontevedra smells of the sea and good wine. It is a city where you can enjoy your bike. We have two route options: visit Pontillon do Castro Reservoir, descend to Bora and take the course of the river Lérez, or get into the rush past the Island statues and go to the path of the river Lérez to trace its course to the waterfalls of Bora.


Bayoone is built on a ledge above the sea, where the formidable Monte Castelo Real (Parador) and around the old port is located, the villa is a cluster of beautiful houses of stone and granite emblazoned and declared an Artistic Historical Landmark . Bayonne is a city made for walking. Narrow cobbled streets are dotted with restaurants under porches, small hotels charming and endearing churches.

We will cycle the tourist route in the fishing village, visiting: La Virgen de la Roca, the caravel Pinta, Fortaleza de Monreal, the promenade, monte da Grova and viewpoint or Cortelliño. Uploading the famous Mount Santa Tecla to appreciate their views, the mouth of the river Miño and neighboring Portugal is available. Also observe the Castro de Santa Tecla, which is a Galician castro and archaeological site of great interest and wealth, and then begin the descent by bicycle to the village of A Guarda and always following the coast and enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, seeking rest in one of the excellent restaurants in the area provided by the sea.


Inside the Rias Baixas of Pontevedra is the village of Cambados. It is listed as a historic-artistic landmark, and worth strolling through its streets and its three districts. The stately neighborhood Fefiñans, the administrative district, and the fishing zone of São Tomé

His greatest wealth, apart from tourism, is located in the vineyards, making Cambados one of the largest producers of Albariño wine. We will go to the Monastery of Armenteira, to appreciate its beauty and history, and then begin the descent path, Pedra da Auga , which takes us through three different municipalities and walking through old watermills provided by the margin of the river. We arrive at the riverbed Umia to trace it towards Ponte Arnelas, it is a route that runs between vineyards and Kiwia. At the end, we head to Cambados to continue with the visit of the main points of interest of the town: ruins of Santa María de Dozo, Pazo de Ulloa, Ethnographic Wine Museum, Pazo de Fefiñanes, Torre de San Sadurniño and walk Maritime Cambados

The pack

We propose a getaway in Contact with the noblest stone of Galicia, with its hostels.

It is a pack intended for friends and people who enjoy the little known world of gardens and stately homes of Galicia.

We will make a visit that will take us through the historic center of Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra, visiting the fishing village of Cambados and manors of Fefiñáns, Rubiáns and A Salette, whose gardens, historic and artistic, are among the highlights of Spain .

Choose three of the four hostels that we offer, each has a cultural and sporting, as well as being gastronomically different, and sets the path depending on which you choose.


Minimum group of 4 people.

The price includes:

  • 3 nights in Hostels.
  • Accommodation management.
  • Vehicle Mercedes Viano 8 places
  • Shuttle Bicycle Trailer
  • Personal assistance
  • Guide-mechanical en route
  • Driver displacements
  • Electric Bikes / unassisted
  • Excursions